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Never get nose dents from glasses again

Using our hat after wearing glasses all day Using normal hat after wearing glasses all day



How does it work?

Simply insert your glasses into hidden attachments... that's it!

Protected by United States utility patent number 10,634,932*


Make your own... start a business today!

Works great for sports fans, athletes, long walks, after rhinoplasty and for  children with autism who are voracious readers!

Step 1


Order materials*:

Hats: Use your own or buy in bulk
(BuckWholeSale.com has awesome inexpensive hats.)

Velcro: 3/8ths hook and loop material
(For bulk velcro, try https://www.hookandloop.com/products/sew-on/duragrip-brand-sew-on-hook-and-loop-fasteners
For your own hat, try CVS, Walgreens, or Jewel-Osco. Just cut the velcro lengthwise first, then cut 3 inch strips.)

Glue: Gorilla fabric or gel glues work great.
(Available online or in most local stores.)

* Not endorsed or sponsored in any way.

Step 2 Assemble hats:

Cut 3 inch lengths of hook and loop material

Glue hook material to right and left edges of the underside of a hat bill

Place 1 drop of glue on hook material at back edge to keep loop material from falling off

Press loop material onto hook material

Let dry, make a loop, insert glasses, and... Voila! No more nose dents!

Step 3 Pay licensing fee of 50 cents per hat to:


This is an "on your honor" licensing system.  You can make and sell as many hats as you like as long as you pay the per hat licensing fee.  Paying the licensing fee gives you non-exclusive, explicit permission to produce hats.  Thank you for your support!



Stars From
Alexa M Wow!  Thank you!  My son has autism and loves to read but hated wearing glasses. I made a lightweight foam hat and now we're reading buddies!
  Note from NND: Thanks Alexa.  My niece has autism and I invented this hat for her.
Katherine A. My husband and I love the Cubs!  Go Cubbies!  But sitting in the sun for hours took a toll on my nose... how annoying.  No more!  I made 5 hats using velcro and glue from Jewel Osco and now my crew and I enjoy the games much more.  I paid the licensing fee of $2.50 and included a tip
  Note from NND:  Thank you Katherine!  I am putting your tip towards... a Cubs ticket!
Sarah  Long walks?  Gardenening?  No more nose dents!  THANK YOU!
  Note from NND:  Thank you, Sarah.  Please send some tomatoes my way!
Pickleball Playa Hey!  Big pickleball fan.  You should sell these at tournaments!
  Note from NND: Thanks for the suggestion PBP, but we do not sell hats.  But we'll keep the idea open... thanks again!
Rex Stout Fan My eyesight started fading years ago, so I need to wear glasses when I read.  My fav?  Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe corpus.  Using a hat I made I do not get tired at all anymore after hours of reading.
  Note from NND:  This is a gigantic coincidence... I LOVE Rex Stout!  Have you read them in order by publication date?
Scout Mom Just a big thank you!  My little scouts made 100 hats and sold each for a $10 per hat profit.  We raised over $1,000 for our club!  I know you only ask for 50 cents per hat, but I thought I should give you more than $50 so I included a healthy tip.
  Note from NND:  Your generosity is very much appreciated!  I made a chocolate mousse pie using mint cookies as the crust.  Supposed to share, but alas, I ate it all myself :)
Bass fisherman #1 The second best joke in fishing:  "I caught a $5 fish but lost my $300 sunglasses!"  Every year I've managed to drop at least one pair of glasses in the water while reeling in one "this big".  No more!  Now my glasses stay put since they're attached to my hat.  FYI, I added a little something for you to the 50 cents you ask for.
  Note from NND:  Thank you!!!  Don't forget: lots of butter, eat the bones!  Even better?  Release the bass and buy a chocolate ice cream cone :)
Linda F. Thank you!
  Note from NND:  My pleasure!
James B. I walk 10 miles at a pop.  It was either a sun and wind blast on my eyes or annoying nose dents.  Now?  Neither!
  Note from NND:  Thank you.  Let's take a stroll sometime.
Jennifer L. Like another reviewer, I love baseball games!  But at the bars afterwards, I felt self conscious about those nose dents.  No more!  I feel beautiful.
  Note from NND:  Beauty comes from within.  But hey, nose dents are one less thing to worry about from without!  Thank you!
Sandy Q. I stumbled across this website, I don't know how.  But it looked intriguing so I took the Jewel advice and made one.  I must say this is a weird invention... no one has solved this problem until now?  It seems so simple!  Thanks!
  Note from NND:  Invent... It's what I do!  Thanks for the five stars!
Yoshiko F. I am American-Japanese.  Like many Asian people, I have a low nose bridge and my glasses kept sliding off.  I work at a children's hospital and need to look down at my kids and charts.  I made several foam versions that I decorated to entertain my patients.  Now, my glasses stay in place and everyone has fun looking at my hat.  Have you thought about selling these in Asia?  Thanks again!
  Note from NND:  Thank you for what you do.  Perhaps some day a company will come along that could mass produce these.  As of now, we do not sell hats, but we'll definitely keep your idea in mind... which... is... brilliant!
Alejandra R. My father served two tours in the Iraqi war.  He thinks your device could help reduce fatigue, and I believe this is true after using this myself.  He and I often did the nose bridge rub to try to alleviate the tired feeling from wearing glasses for hours.  Aside from the PTSD he's suffered from what he saw and experienced, he says one of the biggest complaints amongst his buddies was the dust and sand.  They had to wear sunglasses constantly.  Have you thought about approaching the military?  Needless to say, your idea is a good one.
  Note from NND:  Thank you and your father for your service.  I have you in my prayers.  I am very grateful for your kind words.


Terms and conditions:

All risk is yours.  NoNoseDents.com and it's creators and licensors are protected by indemnification through the use of this website and the production and use of hats.  We assume no liability.

* This garment is protected under federal law.  By paying the per hat licensing fee, non-exclusive, explicit permission is granted.